Thursday, March 28, 2013

As homage to I bestow upon you, Adam4Android!

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    Hi, I'm the developer of adam4android. I'm a hobbyist android developer, meaning I do this out of the love of programming and the love of my android devices. 

    I've been using probably since it began around 2002-2003's. Since then, there have been many gay online dating services that have popped up all around the net and on our mobile devices but not many have sustained as well as adam4adam. I mean geez its been a decade!

    Over the time, some guys became lovers, some became friends but in the end it's always been a blast! I'm like you... I like meeting new guys locally, on the go, and wherever i'm travelling. 

    This is the first application I've ever created for public consumption. That being said, there WILL be minor bugs here and there....some major lol. No bug will EVER delete anything from your account.  The only information written to your adam4adam account is your interactions with other members such as sending messages or adding them as a friend, etc. 

    I have many many ideas for the future of Adam4Android and integrating adam4adam into your everyday life conveniently.  So, stick with me and I'll give you a wonderful elegant experience.

   To manage your account you MUST log into Adam4android is simply a client to bring adam4adam closer to you.

   I review and work on crash reports everyday, so keep them coming! If Adam4Android crash and you get prompted to submit a crash report, please do so and provide a brief description of what you where doing at the time. or if the crash happen in a specific area of the app everytime simply say that in the crash report so I know to prioritize those issues. Thank you all and I hope you guys enjoy my app.

   Please LIKE and follow this app on Facebook.

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