Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 2

Today, Adam4Android is exactly 1 week old. 7 days in and I've already done atleast 10 updates.

  Over the past week, with the help of your crash reports. I've found 3 issues that really mess wit the flow of the app.While, these issues don't really impair you from being able to do anything specific in the app, it is indeed irritating.

So, all this week i'll be focusing on those three issues because I feel this app can be great if it simply ran without a hiccup.

Those reporting login issues, please check your internet connection before sending a crash report. (I'll put network connectivity checks in place for the login area in the next update.)

Also, a guy reported not being able to send a message using his Fascinate.  What I think may be going on is that we have to remember that Adam4Adam requires your profile to be APPROVED before you're able to send messages to anyone...please keep that in mind.

So far we're 400 daily users deep and in about 7 continents

Big shouts out to Cali, Atlanta GA, Florida, and Texas

I see you Jamaica, Bahrain, Vancouver Canada and London UK, stand up!

GET IN THE CHAT PEOPLE!!! ..its a bit buggy but that's what i'm working on this week.

Once these issues are behind us I'll look into Internationalization and localization of language in the app since I seen so much of a international interest.

OK I'm beginning to ramble....Enjoy the app

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