Friday, April 12, 2013


Adam4Android is in limited availability on the android market due to what Adam4Adam considers Trademark infringement. I believe because the yellow icon says "A4A". but the last A was suppose to stand for 'Android'. I think they could've just said "hey change that icon" but whatever. I'll work on a new icon. In the mean time check out this petition...

If you would like to see adam4android again and better than ever, SIGN THIS PETITION.

Quoted from petition:

Reason #1 
In a world where online communities are expanding exponentially, is lacking a key component that most online 'social' services are using to expand their appeal to other online services and individual developers while offering their customer more options. This key component is an open API.
Ever used TweetDeck or Seesmic for Twitter or Facebook? Or how about any app on the app market or play store that is not a sites "official app"? Search any app store for the words instagram, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc. and you'll find 100's of app for any given service. This is made possible because these services offer whats called an open API. What this does is allow any independent software developer or software developers from other online services to create unique experiences catered to the end-user's (frequent users of the site) choice of device/interface and preference of engaging experience.
Reason #2
While does offer its own set of mobile applications for its service. These apps are lacking and falling behind today's competing dating apps. i.e. jack'd, okCupid, Grindr, POF, etc.
I'm starting this petition because has been around since early 2000's, that's before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube. It's no reason why this service should not be competing with today's online services and applications.
Allowing an API to be open to the public not only open a online service up to mobile devices but pretty much any internet connected device you can think of. Which, in essence, grows the business itself.
If you want's totalitarian business model to change into something heading in the direction of democracy, SIGN THIS PETITION.
This change is simply a change in legal documentation and end-user agreement.

Monday, April 1, 2013


In this update I decided to make the app a bit more screen mashable for swifter navigation. You'll find a universal menu icon in the top right corner of every screen. From the menu that is displayed by pressing that icon, you should be able to navigate to any section of the app.

I also included the ability to see your most recent profile visitors. I was a little hesitant to do so because I don't really want to replicate functionality already found in adam4adam apps, which is why I decided to add a mobile chat feature to begin with. But recent visitors is pretty basic I there your are.

Enjoy....mash away!

Week 2

Today, Adam4Android is exactly 1 week old. 7 days in and I've already done atleast 10 updates.

  Over the past week, with the help of your crash reports. I've found 3 issues that really mess wit the flow of the app.While, these issues don't really impair you from being able to do anything specific in the app, it is indeed irritating.

So, all this week i'll be focusing on those three issues because I feel this app can be great if it simply ran without a hiccup.

Those reporting login issues, please check your internet connection before sending a crash report. (I'll put network connectivity checks in place for the login area in the next update.)

Also, a guy reported not being able to send a message using his Fascinate.  What I think may be going on is that we have to remember that Adam4Adam requires your profile to be APPROVED before you're able to send messages to anyone...please keep that in mind.

So far we're 400 daily users deep and in about 7 continents

Big shouts out to Cali, Atlanta GA, Florida, and Texas

I see you Jamaica, Bahrain, Vancouver Canada and London UK, stand up!

GET IN THE CHAT PEOPLE!!! ..its a bit buggy but that's what i'm working on this week.

Once these issues are behind us I'll look into Internationalization and localization of language in the app since I seen so much of a international interest.

OK I'm beginning to ramble....Enjoy the app

Friday, March 29, 2013

Crash when rotating your device...fixed!

I noticed a lot of people all having the same issue with the app crashing randomly for no reason, which turns out to be caused by rotating your mobile device.  If you are experiencing this please update to version 0.9.4.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

As homage to I bestow upon you, Adam4Android!

Please LIKE and follow this app on Facebook.    

    Hi, I'm the developer of adam4android. I'm a hobbyist android developer, meaning I do this out of the love of programming and the love of my android devices. 

    I've been using probably since it began around 2002-2003's. Since then, there have been many gay online dating services that have popped up all around the net and on our mobile devices but not many have sustained as well as adam4adam. I mean geez its been a decade!

    Over the time, some guys became lovers, some became friends but in the end it's always been a blast! I'm like you... I like meeting new guys locally, on the go, and wherever i'm travelling. 

    This is the first application I've ever created for public consumption. That being said, there WILL be minor bugs here and there....some major lol. No bug will EVER delete anything from your account.  The only information written to your adam4adam account is your interactions with other members such as sending messages or adding them as a friend, etc. 

    I have many many ideas for the future of Adam4Android and integrating adam4adam into your everyday life conveniently.  So, stick with me and I'll give you a wonderful elegant experience.

   To manage your account you MUST log into Adam4android is simply a client to bring adam4adam closer to you.

   I review and work on crash reports everyday, so keep them coming! If Adam4Android crash and you get prompted to submit a crash report, please do so and provide a brief description of what you where doing at the time. or if the crash happen in a specific area of the app everytime simply say that in the crash report so I know to prioritize those issues. Thank you all and I hope you guys enjoy my app.

   Please LIKE and follow this app on Facebook.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adam4Android Preview release


Preview of Adam4Android available on Google Play Store here.

* Message Notifications
* GPS Member Locator
* Real-Time Chat
* Member Profiles

Witness the power of adam4adam tailored for Android. 
Browse local members at BLAZING speeds! 
Never miss another date with new message notificiations. 
Check messages at a glance with the speed and power of android.
Plus, group chat with local Adams or Adams from around the world.....or BOTH at the same time!!

Log-in with your EXISTING membership to access your mail, and find other Adams near you!

Join the best free dating site for men to meet men at

This app is similar to other dating apps like Jack'd, POFGrindr, etc.